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How Can We Help The Environment By Eliminating Efeito Estufa

We could no longer deny the different effects of our abuse towards nature. Too many tragedies have happened and phenomena that sometimes we can't explain, but are considered nature's reaction to the abuse that we're all doing. What used to be theories several years back, are now present problems that we're trying to solve through changing our habits. One of these theories is the efeito estufa.

This phenomenon happens when heat that is radiated by the earth's surface is absorbed by greenhouse gases that stay in the atmosphere. Heat radiates back towards the earth's surface and the lower atmosphere. That's why we are all experiencing higher temperatures especially during the warmer months. These gases, especially carbon dioxide, has accumulated a lot in the atmosphere because of the industrial evolution.

People have started going against the practice of building greenhouses for exotic plants because of their harmful effects to the environment. It wasted a lot of energy and that's what people are trying to do now that several changes in nature have been observed and energy sources are depleted. There was a challenge of providing a greenhouse with sustentabilidade.

More modern practices can grow specific plants and use less solar energy and even fossil fuels. This alternative greenhouse doesn't use any fertilizers and use materials that do not radiate as much heat into the atmosphere as traditional materials. They utilized principles of Permaculture where they build their systems according to natural ways.

Using this system is effective not only in lowering energy usage, but it's more stable than traditional methods. All elements within the greenhouse will affect the growth of each other with the help of humans. One of the ways they differ from the traditional system is the use of open soil instead of tables for display. In this way, they could also make use of the vertical and horizontal space inside the greenhouse.

Soil is one of the elements that make the system sustainable. It plays a very big role in growing a healthy plant. Since these systems do not use fertilizers for the plants, the soil that they will be using should be tested and evaluated. It has to have the right amount of nutrients and nitrogen for the plant to grow healthily. Wooden boxes and composts are aids in making the soil healthier.

A greenhouse's design is also a big component in making it sustainable. Its building needs to be built according to ways that do not affect nature in a big way. Especially when it comes to its roof, these should be made of modern materials that do not trap heat and radiate it to the atmosphere.

Most of the materials used in recently built greenhouses are friendly to the environment. Unlike glass and other previously used materials, these new roofs do not absorb as much heat as others. Therefore, they do not give off too much heat to the atmosphere.

We should fight against the use and construction of traditional greenhouses to prevent adding to the damage brought by emissoes de carbono. This will only contribute to creating efeito estufa. There are ways of avoiding old habits so that we can help maintain a clean and green environment.


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